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Allure Framework is a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool with the possibility to add screenshots, logs and so on. It provides modular architecture and neat web reports with the ability to store attachmentsstepsparameters and many more. 

How it works 

Test report it is some representation of test results. So to build test report we should collect such results. The results collecting module called Adapter. Allure has a lot of different adapter for all most popular test frameworks. Then to build the report you need to process your test data. The module which process test results called Report Generator


First step you need to add the dependency of Allure adaptor to your project. Allure supports a lot of different test frameworks, complete list you can find at Adapters page. An example for JUnit and Maven:

Allure JUnit and Maven


Then execute mvn clean test command to run your tests. After test run finished you should generate the report.


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